Beds for Sale in Cape Town


We all know that Cape Town has the best of everything (said tongue-in-cheek), beds for sale included.

But buying a bed anywhere can prove frustrating for two reasons: 1) which place to go to for beds for sale, and 2) making the right bed choice. But have no fear, just keep reading.

In a city as widespread as Cape Town, you do not have to travel far (in fact, you may not need travel at all, as you are able to buy a bed online easy peasy).

The next pain-in-the-butt with buying a bed is choosing the right one. But when you understand how to choose a bed, frustration is completely minimised and there is no need to go jumping on beds as a way of testing them for comfort.

Hey! Sneak preview! You may want to know upfront that the Genie bed is so revolutionary, it arrives in a box! And…it has a 100 day period, so if it doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, simply send it back (but more on that later)…

Genie Unbox Sequence

3 installation steps: 1) Open box. 2) Pull bed out box. 3) Unroll.

Choosing a bed is a big deal since it should only be replaced about every 8 – 10 years, so if you’re going to do it, you should do it properly. You need to find stores that are experienced in sleep therapy so to speak and boast a staff that don’t just wanna make a quick buck, but actually, know the pros and cons of the beds they sell.

So if you are in Cape Town, where can you go to buy a bed?

We’ll give you three of the best bed stores in Cape Town that have excellent reputations.

In fact, these companies are so stable that you can find branches in all provinces of South Africa:





Established way back in 1979, Hirsh’s is a family business known for providing good service and keeping their customers happy.

They have stores around the country, but worth noting is they offer a delivery service to areas where they do not have a branch.

This is an instant stress reliever when you live off the beaten track.

Quality is key and is evident in the top quality beds, furniture and accessories they a variety of price ranges.

For a nominal annual fee Hirsch’s loyalty card lets, you earn 2% on all purchases which are given back as gift vouchers.

Passionate about putting the customer first, their drivers are trained to assemble products delivered and also remove old products.


Mattress Warehouse  



Situated in Maitland,  The Mattress Warehouse is a one-stop shop sporting a variety of the best brands on the market.

With more than 10 years of experience, their staff know beds and are able to offer meaningful advice on the best options for your needs.

They stock everything bed related, so that saves you the hassle of driving all over Cape Town looking not only for beds for sale, but everything else you may need for a good night’s rest.

Their range of beds come in a variety of sizes and prices.

An added advantage is that they have a credit option which allows you to pay over 18 months if necessary.


House & Home



House and Home pride themselves on offering the best deals and specials.

They are stockists of a large variety of beds and home accessories which can transform even the most boring bedroom.

In these economic times, a bed is an investment and House and Home offer an interest-free 6-month lay-by facility.

They have a couple of stores in Cape Town and surrounds and several other stores countrywide.

Bed Sizes

The size of the bed you choose has very much to do with comfort, so you may want to read our guides on how to choose the right size bed:

Single size bed

Double size bed

King size bed

Queen size bed

Genie Beds are suitable for the whole family and come in single, double, queen and king sizes.  

For the tallies: the queen size bed is also available in extra-length.

Delivery of the Genie: convenience

Buying a Genie bed, whether you’re in Cape Town or Skoppiesfontein, is a piece of cake (especially if you live in a place that’s difficult to get a bed inside for whatever reason) because it comes in a box! That also ensures the bed is protected as it’s moved into your home.

All you have to do is place the box in the location you want your bed, and unbox it. Voila.

But rest assured, it does come with a simple step-by-step instruction booklet. The Genie bed is made of latex foam and pocket coil springs so it virtually unpacks itself.

Genie Mattress-beds-for-sale-cape-town

But if you choose another bed from any of the bed shops we’ve listed, delivery is part of their service offering.

100 Days free trial period

Regardless of the retailer, you decide on, the Genie bed range comes with an added feature that no other manufacturer in Cape Town (or South Africa for that matter), offers: a 100-day free trial.

Without any risk to you can try out your new bed for up to 100 days in the comfort of your own home.

If by then you are still not convinced that this is your dream bed, all you need to do is call the place you bought the bed from, and they will collect the bed again for a full refund (and you need not stuff the bed back into the box!)

Now. If that doesn’t show just how sure Genie is about the quality of their beds, nothing will…

To find out more about buying the right bed, download our free Genie Bed guide, ‘How to Choose a Better Bed’

Download our free guide to purchasing the better bed