Bed Sizes In South Africa

bed sizes in South Africa

Bed sizes differ across the globe, so if you are planning to move to another country, or move to South Africa, you need to bear this in mind.

In this article, find out the dimensions of bed sizes specific to SA, the most popular sizes, and tips for choosing the best bed size for your needs.

Bed sizes in South Africa: dimensions


Single Mattress Size

Standard size: 92 cm x 188 cm. Extra length: 92 cm x 200 cm.

Double Mattress Size

Standard size: 137 cm x 188 cm. Extra length: 137 cm x 200 cm.

Queen Mattress Size

Standard size: 152 cm x 188 cm. Extra length: 152 cm x 200 cm.

King Mattress Size

Standard size: 183 cm x 188 cm. Extra length: 183 cm x 200 cm.

Which bed sizes are the most popular?

Our sales here at Genie Beds show that the queen bed is the most popular size bed, followed by the Queen extra large, then the king, double and lastly, the single.

This seems to be consistent with US statistics which confirm that 47% of adults prefer the queen size bed.

Just enough space for snuggling, a bit of couple gym, and sleep independence. The best of all worlds; no wonder it’s popular…

Tips for choosing the right bed size

Before you decide on the size of the bed to buy, consider these tips:

  • Make sure there is enough space in the room that will accommodate the bed.
  • Be sure the bed you choose suits what you plan to do in it. Besides sleep of course. For example, memory foam may kill your sex life (find out why here), while a hybrid gives a bit of spring that won’t break the base.
  • Remember that if you change bed size, you will need to buy new linen and perhaps furniture.
  • Mattresses should be replaced every 8 – 10 years, so keep this mind and buy for your long-term needs instead of short-term.
  • It’s a good idea to buy a matching base and mattress together.
  • If you need a longer bed, the additional length will cost a little more, and you will need to buy special linen to fit.
  • Take into account the habits of the sleeper: while a single, slim, one-position-sleeping adult will find a single bed just fine, the same person who likes to move around a lot may find a good night’s rest difficult with a single bed.
  • Is the door frame where the bed needs to go through to get into the room, big enough?
  • Determine how much you can spend on a bed, but make sure you take into account your special needs. For example, you may desire a king size bed, but a hybrid bed is going to be best if you suffer from back pain but is more expensive than the cheap quality bed shown on the street corner a few metres away from your home. In that case, you will need to weigh up what’s more important: a bed that helps ease a backache or a king size. Ideally, you would buy a king hybrid, but if your budget does not allow for it, you will need to carefully consider the pros and cons.
  • There are so many types of beds to choose from, but your choice must be according to your health needs, remembering that your bed affects the quality of sleep which will aggravate certain health ailments.

Now that’s out the way, let’s check what each size is best for:

Single Beds

Single beds are ideal for smaller bedrooms that can’t fit bigger beds, or when there’s a need for flexibility in size. For instance, two single beds together make a king size bed. This is popular in an accommodation place like hotels and guest homes.

Single beds are ideal for small children, teenagers and the elderly. No good for anything kinky, unless you know stuff we don’t.

Double Beds

Double beds are popular for teenagers, young adults, single adults and slim couples who don’t move around a lot during sleep. Measuring 68.5 cm per person, it’s a tight fit and not very comfortable if you enjoy a good old sprawl.

Queen Beds

The queen size bed is the most popular for couples who enjoy their independence while sleeping. At 76 cm per person sharing, it’s a comfortable fit for couples and a small child or pet. It’s not as elaborate as a king, which also makes this size good for most bedroom sizes, except maybe the newer, modern complexes. Linen is also readily available in relevant stores.

King Beds

The king size bed is, well, majestic. Measuring 183 cm in width, not only does it comfortably sleep a couple, but could do for the whole family and furry kids. Often, homes use the king bed for the master bedroom and the queen for the guest room. If your family enjoys weekends in bed, watching TV or having family time or breakfast in bed, the king is for you.