Single Bed: Everything you need to know

Soft and comfortable single bed

You landed on this page because you are interested perhaps, in buying a single bed.

So we thought we’d do the research for you, and list all you need to know about well, single beds.

Here goes:

Pros and cons of a single bed

Single beds are the most versatile of all the bed sizes, but they’re not the most bought bed in South Africa, or in any other country.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of this size bed:


  • You can do more with a single bed than bigger beds, and use it for other purposes, or as part of a multi-functional system.
  • Because they’re compact, single beds are excellent for small spaces.
  • Small children and teens sleep comfortably on this size bed.
  • Single beds may be a good option for the elderly who don’t move around a lot.


  • Because of their size, although it can be done, single beds do not provide the best sleep for adults who do not sleep like the dead.
  • Single beds are not for couples who want to sleep together, even the slimmest!

Awesome ideas for single beds

A single bed is the only size bed that can be used for multi purposes and is good for functional smart space designs.

For couples

Did you know that 1 out of 4 couples sleeps in separate beds? Push two single beds together (or keep ‘em apart), and enjoy these benefits:

  • Avoid awkward sleeping positions.
  • Two single beds pushed together equals the size of a king size bed but for much cheaper.
  • Achieve comfort for both parties, because you each have your own space.
  • No one steals the blankie, cos you both have your own.
  • If one of you tends to get up a lot, you won’t disturb the other.

For small kids

On its own, the single bed is an excellent option for small kids:

  • Single beds are 91 cm x 188 cm, which makes them ideal for small children.
  • Use two single beds in one room, for two children, either because they like sharing a room, or to save space.
  • Consider a double bunk to save even more space. You could even put four children in one room using two double bunks.

Overnight visitors

Single beds are popular in guesthouses. Here’s how you can copy their creative ideas:

  • Single beds allow for flexibility; keep them standing singularly or push them together to create a king size bed. You can also clamp them together so nothing moves out of place, even with, um, activity, let’s call it.
  • Attach wheels with locks on two singles to keep them locked together. For a quick and temporary fix, try turning the mattresses so that they are perpendicular to the bed frames.
  • Elevate a room to hide a single bed that can be pulled out.
Hidden single bed in an elevated room

Image credit: Batiik Studio

Hide a single bed under an elevated room, like this one.

  • Stick a single bed in a home office and decorate it like it’s a couch. When you have visitors over, simply remove all the cushions and voila! It’s a bed.
  • It’s easier to make a smart space using a single bed than it is using a bigger bed
Single bed that can be put away when not in use

Image Credit:

Other uses for single beds

  • Instead of buying a bed frame, buy a daybed frame and use a single bed mattress on it.
Single bed that can be used to take a nap during the day

Image Credit: ArchieExpo

  • Single beds make awesome daybeds.
  • Double up the function of a single bed by using it as a sofa in the day and a bed at night. If you’re dealing with cramped space on a permanent basis though, rather use the frame of a daybed and buy a quality single mattress to go with it, because a sofa that doubles up as a bed does not usually provide the support that bodies need.

There you have it. All you need to know about the single bed. 

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