Best Beds for Sale in South Africa

best beds for sale in south africa

The best beds for sale spend on average, 229,961 hours with their peeps.

Now, not all beds are made equally.

While most of us know this, we don’t usually understand the differences in the technology that’s used, and each manufacturer has a different aim, so those beds are made to achieve that purpose.

Cheap beds, however, are made from cheap materials, and they’re made so that people don’t have to sleep on the floor. The mattress may be made from metal springs with a heavy cloth containing hair, straw, cotton and foam rubber.

For many people, the cheap bed serves its purpose. Until a coil pops out the material and sticks ‘em in the back, that is. Been there, done that.

But for those who need more comfort – adults who are no longer spring chickens, overweight people, people with back pain, older people with arthritis – well, a cheap mattress will just make things worse for them.

And those who have had no health issues may suddenly develop problems they don’t understand the cause of.

So while we at Genie think our beds are made superior to any of the best beds for sale in South Africa, we do pay tribute to other manufacturers because although Genie beds are totally comfortable for the majority of people, there are those with very special needs who will find another manufacturer’s beds better, for whatever reasons. Beds can be weird that way.

So. To follow is a compilation of the best bed manufacturers in South Africa, and why:

1: Genie Beds

Genie Beds, with a solid 20 years behind us, make superior hybrid beds with revolutionary technology, combining all the very best materials to go with our individually pocketed coil springs.


All the layers of a Genie mattress; it’s what makes this bed exceptional support for most bodies.

These materials serve a scientific purpose, and it is for this reason that our beds are usually suited to every individual need, and can carry a whopping weight of 200 kg per person.

Materials used are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and anti-dust and allergy, and the base allows air to circulate in order to repel mould. Smart. Very smart.

2: Sealy

Sealy Posturepedic aim to provide a luxurious experience but not at the expense of a restful, healthy sleep. Their wooden bases and patented spring system allow them to achieve that.

Sealy focuses on functionality and also uses a pocket spring system.

3: Simmons

Simons has been making mattresses for 140 years, providing revolutionary industry developments in comfort and support.

They are well known for the development of their pocketed coil spring system.

4: Restonic

Restonic South Africa has been manufacturing quality mattresses since 1938, combining cutting edge technology inside its mattresses.

Their eco-friendly fabric is breathable and cool and reduces skin sensitivity and odours.

They are known for the creation of their “marvellous middle”, a nested pocket spring support system.

5: Rest Assured

Established in the Cape in 1979, Rest Assured beds come with a solid, ultra-tough three-spring construction with unique features.

Their fully equipped ultra modern plants produce most of their own components such as their own foam and coir pads, wooden bases and the weaving of their own damask and knitted ticking.

You can see that all five of the best beds for sale have one thing in common: they all use a pocket spring system of some sorts.


Best beds for sale: 3 top tips to a solid choice

1: Chat before you commit

A good quality bed that’s looked after will have a life expectancy of about 10 years, so for such a long-term investment, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions that are attached to your purchase is essential.

It’s vital to know whether there is a trial period option, hidden costs like shipping charges or whether it includes a money-back guarantee. Enquiring about the warranty should also be a top priority.

PS: Genie gives a 100 day trial period – test the bed for 100 days, and if it’s not doing it for you, simply ask us to come and get it. Yep, that’s how confident we are…

2: Be thorough

Doing research online about the product is the first step to making a good purchase (and since you’re reading this, kudos to you, oh smart one).

This provides the opportunity to gather information about what kind of best beds are for sale, what to look for according to your specific needs and to compare different options and choose the one that best suits your need and comes with a price tag that won’t bankrupt you.

3: Get pro advice

Speaking to your doctor or physician is crucial especially if you suffer from any medical conditions.

In addition, the salespeople stationed at a speciality mattress store are well versed in the merchandise and are best suited to advise you on the appropriate product according to your needs.

Don’t be afraid to lie down on the beds, getting a proper feel of the different consistencies and sizes. Although, you must know that laying on a bed for 10 minutes will not give you a true idea of its comfort.

Which is precisely why Genie offers a 100-day trial because it takes time to see how your body responds to a new mattress.

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