Beds: Everything They Did Not Tell You

Couple laying shocked in bed

When you’re 14, a bed is a bed is a bed. Sleeping on cushions on the floor feels just the same as sleeping on Gran’s luxury bed. Except you’re not allowed cookies on Gran’s bed.

But the older you get, the more you realise that a bed is the source of nightly joy or terrors: first, the springs poking out the mattress you’ve owned for the last 15 years suddenly begin bothering you. Then you spend a few nights in a hotel and wonder why your bed doesn’t feel like theirs.

So you do some research and realise you knew nothing about linen thread count. And while your new high thread count sheet and duvet cover feel like bliss for the next month, it still doesn’t feel like that hotel bed…

And the squeaks coming from the mattress every time you-know-what are making you worry your neighbours are going to come knocking to see if you guys are OK.

You never knew that as far as beds go, well, different strokes are for different folks.

But hey, you should know there’s a whole world of beds out there, and that one of them has your name on it.

Here’s why:

Comfort is key

Couple sleeping comfortable on Genie beds

Without good sleep (meaning enough of it and undisturbed), every area of your life may be impacted.

If you don’t get enough undisturbed sleep, you may become grumpy, lose the ability to concentrate and put your safety and perhaps even your family’s safety, at risk. Your work, your relationships, your health, can all be negatively impacted by lack of sleep or not enough quality sleep.

Now here’s what you may not know: the bed most comfortable for you, may not be the bed your colleague Stacy keeps going on about. That’s because Stacy weighs half your weight, has no back problems, sleeps on her stomach, and is single.

You, on the other hand, are on the heavy side, have a bit of an issue with a backache, sleep on your side the whole night through, and your slim wife sleeps next to you but tends to be restless.

Your mattress needs are going to be completely different from Stacy’s.

How to choose the right bed

And so we arrive here: if there are so many different beds to choose from, how can you possibly know which one is right for you?

Luckily we are experts and all you have to do is read on. We’ve done all the work for you…

Our easiest recommendation is to take a bed for a test drive.  

We don’t mean going to a bed shop and sitting down on the nicest looking one. You will never get the true feel for it in 10 minutes. Instead, simply buy a Genie bed (we say Genie because we don’t know any other mattress brand in South Africa who will let you do this), get it delivered in a cool little box, and test it free of charge, for 100 nights.

If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll simply pick it up, refund you, and that will be that.

Lady sleeping on the bed - sleeping habits

Your sleeping habits

Discover exactly how to choose the right mattress; but in a nutshell, this is what you will need to consider:

  • What position you tend to sleep in.
  • Your general body temperature.
  • Whether you need a soft, medium or firm mattress (Genie is a hybrid bed, so it’s comfortable for the majority of people and your safest bet).
  • How much you weigh.
  • Your sleep movements.
  • Oh hum, and what you plan to do in it.

Types of mattresses

In general, there are four types of modern mattresses:

  1. Individual pocket springs (like the Genie bed): good for chronic back pain sufferers, people with arthritis, and partners who like to rock ‘n roll in their sleep.
  2. Hybrid mattresses (the Genie is described as a hybrid as it combines a few support systems): good for solid support and comfort for most people and sleep gripes.
  3. Natural latex: good for side sleepers to relieve pressure and pain.
  4. Memory foam: can be the absolute best choice to relieve back pain, but also the absolute worst choice to relieve back pain. Also good for restless sleepers and those who get cold easily.

Why Genie beds?

While we can’t get into detail about all the types of mattresses in this article, we’ll quickly summarise the benefits of Genie beds due to advanced technology, and why it suits just about anyone, so long as each person does not weigh more than 200 kg.

  1. Made with layers of natural latex which relieves pressure and distributes weight evenly – good for most sleep positions, those who tend to get hot, and restless sleepers who don’t want to wake their more peaceful partners.
  2. Genie went into so much detail, that their beds are ribbed to prevent you or your kids from falling off!
  3. Designed to accommodate heavy people up to 200 kg each.
  4. The special air circulation features to ensure that your temperature remains constant so you are not disturbed by feeling too hot or sweaty.
  5. Created with an individual spring system which helps eliminate disruption from movement, and to relieve pressure points from sleeping positions.
  6. As a bonus, Genie uses eco-friendly materials.

You can see for yourself, there’s a lot more to buying a bed than anyone ever told you!

To find out more about buying the right bed, download our free Genie Bed guide, ‘How to Choose a Better Bed’

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