Genie Pillow


The Genie pillow is a compact packed, contour designed, luxury item for your head.

Genie Pillow

The Upgrade Your Head Deserves

The last piece of the puzzle: our Genie pillow. It makes sure your head reaches the same comfort levels that the rest of our products do for your body.

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100 Night Free Trial

100 Nights Trial

Compact Design

Compact Design

Totes Comfy

Totes Comfy

Introducing the only pillow you’ll ever need

The Genie pillow is made from natural latex, just like our mattresses, providing a comfortable surface that shapes and contours to your head in the perfect sleeping position.

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Genie Pillow Fight
Designed to Last - Genie Beds


Our Genie pillow is made from a natural latex layer, which not only means comfort of the highest level but a long lasting and quality head companion you can rely on.

Neck Support

Neck Support

Much like how our Genie mattress provides optimal spine support, so does the Genie Pillow – providing the best support and comfort for your neck as you enjoy quality sleep.

bed Mattress Air Circulation: Genie beds

Air Circulation

The fibres in the Genie pillow allow them to be breathable and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night for a undisturbed night of rest.

Hypo Alergenic Pillow


The last thing you want to ruin your quality sleep is having an allergic reaction to the materials used in your pillow. Which is why we engineered the Genie pillow to be hypoallergenic so there’s one less thing to get in the way of perfect sleep.

Genie Pillow

Simply the Best Pillow to Sleep On

All the time and effort that goes into making the Genie mattress the best in class option for quality sleep carries over into all of our products. The search for the best pillow is officially over.

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What is Genie?

Genie is the better way to buy a bed. It’s a bed in a box with latex foam and pocket coil springs that basically unpacks itself. And you’ve got 100 nights to try it out. It’s also totes comfy.

How do I set up the mattress?

Just remove the packaging and unroll! It’s ridiculously easy.

What sizes does it come in?

Genie bases and mattresses come in single, double, queen, queen extra length, and king sizes.

How does the 100-night trial work?

We know how hard it is to commit to something new, so we’re giving you 100 nights to try out your product, risk free. If you aren’t happy with your Genie within the 100 nights, contact us and we’ll come and pick it up again.