Double Bed Size: Everything You Need to Know

Couple laying on a double bed size

When you think double bed size, you think sex. There. We said it.

We know you were thinking it too…

Double beds conjure up an image of a happy couple sleeping romantically in each other’s arms.

But where did this image come from?

And why do couples sleep in the same bed?

Could it be from habit?

The truth is that two people sleeping on a double bed are hardly romantic but downright uncomfortable.

That’s because a double bed only allows 68.5 cm of space per person; that’s just bigger than two rulers put together. While that’s enough space for sex and some cuddles, 68.5 cm does not make for a spacious, comfortable sleep.

In this article, we remove the fluff and take a hard look at the cons and benefits of double bed size and who it’s ideal for.

Not enough space on the double bed size for a couple

History of the double bed size

In days of old, double beds were not made for couples; they were made for families.

In the 1800s, the more affluent slept separately, each to his own, because they could afford to, while lower class families slept squished up together on a double bed.

In the 1950’s, double beds were not shown in movies because it was not proper to do so and considered vulgar because it represented sex, and it is thought that because of this, many couples started sleeping apart again.

Come the 60’s and 70’s, people started coming out of their shells and sleeping together once again as couples, but now they turned to the queen sized bed.

Double beds are still common nowadays, with 14% of Americans still sleeping on them. Genie Beds sales stats kind of confirm that since they indicate that the double bed ranks 4th most popular out of 5 bed sizes.


Dimensions of a double bed mattress

The dimensions of a double bed size mattress in South Africa is 188 X 137 cm. Compared to a queen, which is 188 X 152 cm, or single bed, which is 188 X 92 cm, it’s just a little too small for two adults who are not skin ‘n bones.

Cons of a double bed

There are pros and cons to just about anything, and for double bed size, it’s:

  • The mattress and base are more expensive than a single bed.
  • Not ideal for very tall people (if you were to bump up the double to a queen, that would be a solution for tall-ies).
  • Not spacious enough to give couples a comfortable sleep.
  • Can’t fit the whole family.
  • More expensive to buy linen as opposed to a single bed.

Benefits of a double bed

There are lots of benefits to a double bed size, which accounts for its popularity:

  • Because of its size, it fits well into most spaces, while a queen or king may just be too big in many room sizes, especially the more modern ones.
  • More affordable than a queen or king size bed.
  • They are more common than most bed sizes, so easily available.
  • Linen is cheaper than the bigger size beds.
  • Ideal for single people.

Who is the double bed ideal for?

The double bed is ideal for certain people:

  • Two small children sharing a bed.
  • One slim teenager.
  • Single elderly person who does not move around a lot.
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