Queen Size Bed: Everything You Need to Know

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From the ages of 18 – 60+ years, the queen size bed is the most desired.

Queen bed size popularity

Statista reports that the queen size bed is more popular than any other size bed.

Let’s take a look why, and see how it differs from a double and king size bed:

Benefits of the queen size bed

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The queen size bed is popular because it’s not as small as a double, but not as extravagant as a king.

Because, well, not everyone has a bedroom the size of an Olympic swimming pool, and besides, although you may like spending a lot of time in the proverbial sack, there are other things you’d like to do in your room besides being on your bed.

People find that the benefits of a queen size bed include:

  • At 152 x 188 cm, the queen size bed fits perfectly into a smaller main bedroom.
  • Overnight accommodations especially love the queen because it provides ample space for couples, and sometimes even a small child or two.
  • Ideal for taller individuals because it’s longer than a double bed.
  • A double bed is ideal for a larger single person or couple who are both petite or slim and don’t feel the need to move around a lot, but a queen gives couples more space and allows for wriggling and restlessness.
  • Because it provides a bigger sleeping area, a larger mattress like the queen stays newer for longer, so it doesn’t need to be replaced or flipped as often as a double.
  • With the right base, a queen size bed can be used for storing stuff under.

Where the queen size bed fits into bed size.

Double vs. Queen vs. King size bed

There’s no doubt that most people would prefer a king size bed to any other size, but there are two reasons why most opt for another size:

  1. Affordability: the mattress, base and headboard of a king size costs more but not only that, the linen that goes with it also costs more than the other sizes.
  2. Space: not all rooms are big enough to comfortably fit a king size bed.

As for the double…it’s a great size for restless kids, teens, small adults and singles. The queen size bed, however, allows 10 cm more per person, than the double. The king size bed is a whopping 41 cm wider than the queen.

Sometimes places of short-term accommodation will put together two single beds to make a double bed, but more often, they will use the queen size for the master room, while a king size bed will only really be used by luxury hotels and BnB’s.

Couples with big master bedrooms may buy a king size and use a queen for the guest room, while the younger children are given a double bed or single. But where space is an issue, a queen will certainly do nicely.

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California queen and Olympic queen

The standard queen size bed measures 152 x 188 cm, but you can go bigger, either wider or longer, so it’s essential to know the difference:

  • The California queen is 12 cm longer than the standard queen, making it 200 cm long. It is named from the shape and state of California.
  • Olympic queen beds are 15 cm wider than a standard queen.

Although you may be able to find a California queen in South Africa, an Olympic queen bed is not readily available and a king size bed will step into its place just as well.

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