Can Little Sleep Make You Sick?

We’ve all had those nights where we think, “Just one more episode.”, “Just one more page.”. Once every now and then it’s alright to do this and only get in a few hours of sleep in a night. However, losing sleep because of other factors and not getting sufficient sleep consistently can be detrimental to your health. But just how bad is it, really?

Studies have shown that getting too little sleep can shorten your life expectancy. So clearly, it’s a subject that we should be taking seriously.

Lack of Sleep Side Effects

Sleep is absolutely necessary for healing and repairing blood vessels, storing long-term memories, giving our anxious thoughts and worries a literal rest, and so much more. Just like food, air, and water, your body and brain need sleep. It’s scary what happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep.

Cognitive Function Deteriorates

While you sleep, your brain processes new information you’ve learned and “files it away” into your long-and short-term memory. When you consistently deprive your brain of sleep, most cognitive functions slow down, leaving you lethargic and less coordinated. It can also lead you to being moody, it can trigger depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. Sleep is very important for your emotional wellbeing and a lack of it can cause permanent mental damage.

Weakens Immune System

Consistent sleep allows your immune system to recharge your infection- and disease-fighting antibodies. Without these, your body will be more prone to illness. Losing too much sleep too often can result in your immune system slowing down and crashing. If this happens, when you do get sick, it’ll take much longer to recover. You’ll also be more prone to respiratory infections like colds and flus as your body is weaker than it should be.

Affects Digestive System

Have you ever had those days when you’re feeling tired, but hungry all day no matter how much you eat? Sleep deprivation and obesity have been proven to be linked in multiple studies. Sleep deprivation can alter your hormones leptin and ghrelin. These hormones balance your appetite and when you don’t sleep (even if it’s for one night), you mess with these hormones and this can lead to overeating. Along with feeling too tired to exercise, this will definitely have an adverse effect on your weight. Sleep deprivation may even eventually lead to diabetes.

Sleep deprivation can be caused by multiple factors, but there is a specific one that can be fixed quickly and painlessly. Lack of sleep can be due to an uncomfortable mattress and pillow; sometimes you may feel that you’ve slept through the night, but you didn’t achieve quality sleep – and that’s the only sleep that counts!

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