Best Beds: 11 Reasons Why Genie Beds Should Be Your Best Pick


Did you know that complaints around sleep are present in 67% – 88% of chronic pain disorders?

Further to that, NCBI says, “Across most medical interventions, the development of pain as a side effect coincides with the development of sleep disturbance, and vice-versa. Further, both chronic pain and sleep disturbances share an array of physical and mental health comorbidities, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and depression.”

Now, when you’re in your twenties unless you have a health condition, bed quality is the furthest thing from your mind. As it should be.

But once you hit a certain age or health condition, you wake up to how important a well-designed bed really is. Which is what this article is about… A no-frills look at why Genie is considered one of the best beds manufacturers in South Africa.

Here’s why :

Genie beds sole purpose is comfort

The Genie brand has always been about enhancing people’s lives through sleep, and we’ve revolutionised the bed with hybrid technology to tick all the boxes that make an unparalleled night’s sleep.

Those who have health conditions that are impacted by sleep, as well as those who are looking for comfort, have all found Genie to be one of the best beds on the market.

To boot, professional athletes like Wayde Van Niekerk, choose Genie as their bed of choice because their bodies depend on a solid night’s rest.

Genie beds are designed with one specification that incorporates all the qualities of a good bed: the base and mattress work together like strawberries and cream; the base focusing on the ultimate support element, and the mattress providing comfort and additional support.

The Genie bed’s primary differentiating factor is its hybrid technology for zero motion transfer and pain-free pressure points. The support system and materials used are top quality and all add to the comfort of the bed.

Zero motion transfer

Genie beds boast individually pocketed coils; each coil is individually wrapped so they move independently of each other and absorb pressure as it is applied to different areas of the mattress. The mattress was designed for two purposes:

  1. To provide excellent support for the spine, which means less or no backache from a sub-standard bed.
  2. So that when one person moves in the bed, the other is left undisturbed because they can’t feel the movement.
best beds genie beds

Hybrid technology and high-quality materials provide exceptional spine support.

No aches and pains

Pressure points such as shoulders and hips can become sensitive with certain sleep positions.

Genie mattresses not only have individually pocketed coil springs for support but also 2cm of natural latex layering which cushions your body, adding to the comfort of the body.  The layers of natural latex are especially beneficial to relieve pressure and helps evenly distribute weight.

The design is especially beneficial as the individual coil springs evenly spread your weight on the mattress in order to avoid pressure points that lead to aches and pains.

Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic

Not only are people becoming more conscious about what we eat but we are more aware of what goes into the products we use.

Free range, natural fibres, biodegradable, compostable are all things that we are looking at to save the planet.

Like many environmentally conscious companies, Genie takes the environment seriously and is playing our part by ensuring that eco-friendly materials are used in the manufacturing of our products.

Genie uses natural latex made from rubber serum that is harvested from rubber trees.  

Because the bark of the tree can heal rapidly no damage is caused to the tree.

(Of interest is that rubber trees can produce latex for up to 30 years.)  

Latex mattresses are also hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew which may be an answer to some of your health issues.

Genie Mattresses Cutaway

The smart layers of the Genie hybrid mattress.

Memory foam is either your best friend or worst enemy but the high quality, high-density latex used by Genie provides the exact amount of cushioning for your comfort.

The durability is further enhanced by using eco-friendly plastics and high-grade aluminium which also prevents the squeaky sound beds can make when made from other materials.

Air circulation

If you often wake up hot and clammy, or you need the fan going even during winter, you’re going to want to find out the materials used in the bed of your choice and whether those materials allow for air circulation in order to keep your body temperature constant.

Memory foam, for example, will make a hot person hotter (no no, not like that!) But while we’re on the subject of hot…memory foam is not what you want to use for sex, as there’s just no bounce and you’ll have to work extra hard…just saying.

When a bed lacks air circulation, not only does it make your body temperature rise, but it also increases the risk of mould growth which can cause all sorts of issues like asthma.

Genie beds have special features to aid air circulation  e.g airflow holes in the latex which helps your body temperature remain constant.

Range of bed sizes

The Genie bed range comes in the following sizes:

There are minimal differences in price between the bed sizes which helps in the selection when the price is a factor.

Plus sized people are also catered for as the Genie base is strong enough to hold up to 400 kg on one bed.


Easy installation

The Genie box set is fully equipped with a step by step booklet of instructions for easy installation.

100 Night trial

Still not sure if Genie is the right fit?  Well, we give you a free 100-night trial to test your new bed, and if after that you are not happy, simply send it back for a full refund.  


By providing a  5-year guarantee and a 15-year warranty, buyers of Genie beds have the added assurance that they are purchasing the very best quality bed.

Added extras

The Genie range has expanded to include a hybrid design pillow and other accessories. You can even place pull-out drawers to store any of your essentials under the base!

Stockists Nationwide

The Genie bed range is available at a range of suppliers nationwide.