Best Beds to buy in South Africa

best beds for sale in south africa

Beds for sale in South Africa: out of so many to choose from, how on earth do you choose the right one?

Well, once you begin searching for The One, you’re probably going to suffer from information overload. Which is why we’ve put together this guide: to reduce the confusion and help you understand what to look for.

We’ll first list five of the best bed manufacturers in South Africa, and then give you tips so you can conduct your own search according to what your body demands.

Note: We can not use the bed manufacturers names so have identified them through pseudonyms (Brand A-D)

Easy peasy.

Ready? Let’s begin with a compilation of the best bed manufacturers in South Africa, what kinds of beds they sell, their features, what makes them unique, and average prices. Since most manufacturers sell a few types of beds, we’ll focus on hybrid technology or similar beds for sale, in order to give you a fair comparison on all makes and prices:

Best Beds For Sale Price Comparison Table

Manufacturer King Size Bed Queen Size  Bed Double Size Bed Single Size Bed
Genie beds R11500.00 R10000.00 R9200.00 R6700.00
Brand A R14899.00 R10899.00
Brand B R28999.00 R21399.00 R18258.84 R15399.00
Brand C R5199.20 R4799.20 R4999.00 R3499.00
Brand D R10599.00 R8399.00 R7699.00 R5699.00

*Please note that these beds for sale prices are approximate and are based on hybrid technology or similar type bed sets (base + mattress)

Genie Beds

The one-bed-fits-all mattress: why Genie mattresses suit just about everyone

Genie’s modern looking hybrid bed.

Genie beds are our brand of course. We put in a solid 20 years to make superior hybrid beds with revolutionary technology, combining all the very best materials to go with individually pocketed coil springs.


All the layers of a Genie mattress; it’s what makes this bed exceptional support for most bodies.

These materials serve a scientific purpose, and it is for this reason that our beds are usually suited to every individual need, and can carry a whopping weight of 200 kg per person.

Materials used are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and anti-dust and allergy and the base allows air to circulate in order to repel mould. Smart. Very smart.

Here are the biggest differentiating factors:

No partner disturbance

Because of individually pocketed springs, when one person moves, the other is not disturbed.

Exceptional support

The individually pocketed coil springs provide exceptional support to any weight of up to 200 kg per person. Plus, those with health issues that are impacted by sleep, find relief on a Genie because of the technology used in the pocketed springs.

Circulation and comfort

The Genie uses a layer of natural latex for additional support and to relieve pressure point pain. It also allows for circulation of air, which prevents you from overheating in the night.

Allergy-free materials

All the materials used in the Genie mattress and base are not only eco-friendly, but anti-dust, mite and allergy.

Genie Mattresses Cutaway

Prices of Genie beds:

You can expect to pay approx. R10000.00 for a queen size Genie bed, depending on where you buy it from.

Single bed: R6700

Double bed: R9200

Queen bed: R10000

King bed: R11500

Brand A

Brand A aims to provide a luxurious experience but not at the expense of restful, healthy sleep.

Brand A’s hybrid beds come in two different firmness levels; the one uses Gel Memory foam, and the other Hybrid Foam Layers to reduce pressure pain points.

Genie’s beds are created to allow for air circulation and use natural latex. Brand A uses memory foam which usually increases body temperature, but gel memory foam will keep you cool, so both brands are similar.

The main difference between Genie and Brand A beds is with the base: Genie’s bases are built for storage and to be moved around easily for cleaning, while Brand A’s are covered.

Prices of Brand A beds:

You can expect to pay approx. R10, 899.00 for a queen size Brand A hybrid bed, depending on where you buy it from.

Queen bed: R10, 899.00

King bed: R14, 899.00

Brand B

Brand B has been making mattresses for many years, providing revolutionary industry developments in comfort and support.

The Brand B hybrid includes Visco Elastic Memory Foam. Now, there are three types of memory foam used in beds and Visco Elastic Memory Foam is one of the more economical ones. It is not considered eco-friendly. This kind of memory foam is excellent for some types of back pain, but can also make it worse; it can go either way. It will also increase body temperature and memory foam does not make for great sex because there’s no bounce.

Unlike Brand B’s hybrid beds, Genie uses natural latex, so body temperature is kept constant, sex is good on this material that is combined in the hybrid technology, and natural latex outlasts all the other types of memory foam.

Prices of Brand B beds:

You can expect to pay approx. R21, 399.00 for a queen size Brand B hybrid bed, depending on where you buy it from.

Single bed: R15, 399.00

Double bed: R18, 258.84

Queen bed: R21, 399.00

King bed: R28, 999.00

Brand C

Brand C has been manufacturing quality mattresses since forever, combining cutting edge technology inside its mattresses.

Their eco-friendly fabric is breathable and cool and reduces skin sensitivity and odours.

Their beds contain material that keeps the body temperature cool in summer and warm in winter.

Brand C beds are similar to Genie’s in terms of support, and the greatest difference between Genie and Brand C beds would be the base; Genie’s allows for storage and easy moving.

Prices of Brand C beds:

It will set you back approx. R4, 799.20 for a standard Brand C queen size bed, depending on where you buy it.

Single bed: R3, 499.00

Double bed: R4, 999.00

Queen bed: R4, 799.20

King bed: R5, 199.20

Brand D

Brand D beds have different variations available, but we’ll take a look at the one most like Genie’s in order to compare apples with apples.

The bed holds 110 kg per person, also uses a pocket based spring system and provides support.

Prices of Brand D beds:

The price is approx. R8, 399.00 for a Brand D queen size bed, depending on where you buy it from.

Single bed: R5, 699.00

Double bed: R7, 699.00

Queen bed: R8, 399.00

King bed: R10, 599.00

Best beds for sale: 3 top tips to a solid choice

This section will help you in the pre-buying phase.

Chat before you commit

A good quality bed that’s looked after will have a life expectancy of about 10 years, so for such a long-term investment, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions that are attached to your purchase is essential.

It’s vital to know whether there is a trial period option, hidden costs like shipping charges or whether it includes a money-back guarantee. Enquiring about the warranty should also be a top priority.

PS: Genie gives a 100 day trial period – test the bed for 100 days, and if it’s not doing it for you, simply ask us to come and get it. Yep, that’s how confident we are…

Be thorough

Doing research online about the product is the first step to making a good purchase (and since you’re reading this, kudos to you, oh smart one).

This provides the opportunity to gather information about what kind of best beds are for sale, what to look for according to your specific needs and to compare different options and choose the one that best suits your needs and comes with a price tag that won’t bankrupt you.

What you want to investigate is the following:

  1. What gives body support? For example, all the beds listed in this guide have some sort of spring. Then you want to know if the support has a zero motion transfer design, so that no one is disturbed if their partner moves around or gets out of bed for a wee.
  2. Is there air circulation to keep body temperature constant, as well as keep the bed mould-free over time?
  3. What is the maximum weight the bed can hold?
  4. If you have allergies, you’ll want to know if the bed is anti-dust and anti-mite.
  5. The firmness of the mattress – if you’re thin, you may need a softer mattress. But what about your partner who is overweight?
  6. If eco-friendly is important to you, you’ll want to know that the materials used are friendly to the environment.

Get pro advice

Speaking to your doctor or physician is crucial especially if you suffer from any medical conditions.

In addition, the salespeople stationed at a speciality mattress store are well versed in the merchandise and are best suited to advise you on the appropriate product according to your needs.

Don’t be afraid to lie down on the bed, getting a proper feel of the different consistencies and sizes. Although, you must know that laying on a bed for 10 minutes will not give you a true idea of its comfort.

Which is precisely why Genie offers a 100-day trial because it takes time to see how your body responds to a new mattress.

Things that must determine your choice of bed

Beds really aren’t “a thing” up to about your thirties, but thereafter, your choice of bed really determines your quality of life in many respects. There are certain elements that have to be taken into consideration when choosing the right bed:


The older you are, the more important your choice of bed, depending on health issues. You also need to find a bed that is not a mission to get in and out of, and some materials make that hard, like memory foam. Then again, memory foam is often good for backache (and sometimes not).

Health or backache

If you suffer from osteoporosis or backache, you certainly need the right bed, or your health issues and pain will become worse. Backs need good support; hybrid beds are ideal.

For most people with backache, a firm mattress is necessary, but if you’re experiencing back pain on a standard mattress, a soft one may help, and memory foam may be good (or not so good).

We suggest trying out a Genie bed because you can send it back after 100 days if it’s not working for you.

Sleeping positions

Your sleep position needs to be considered, as you may need a firmer bed if you tend to sleep on your side, and a softer one if you sleep on your tummy, or you could start with a backache. Check out this article for information about the right mattress firmness.

Body temperature

If you tend to wake up hot and clammy in the middle of the night, you’re going to want one of the best beds for sale that provides good air circulation, and you’re going to want to avoid memory foam which ups body temperature.


If there are two of you sharing a bed, you may need a zero motion transfer mattress so that if one of you moves, the other is not disturbed.

Need some space?

Some people are content to lie in one position the whole night through – for them, memory foam may be a good option, but only if they don’t tend to get hot.

But some people need space, and if so, you may want to get a bigger bed. Let’s say your queen bed just got a little small after your child was born (and child now sleeps with mom and dad). It may be time to upgrade to a king size bed.

Buying for price


Let’s talk price.

Your bed, if looked after, will last for about 10 years. That’s a long time to sleep on a bed and will feel even longer if it’s low quality (read some horror stories about people who bought cheap beds).

If you’re under thirty, you need to think about your thirties, because while you don’t need a high-quality bed in your twenties, your thirties is when you may start feeling the consequences of a bad bed decision.

But for those who need more comfort – adults who are no longer spring chickens, overweight people, people with back pain, older people with arthritis – well, a cheap mattress will just make things worse for them.

The older you are, the better your bed needs to be.

And if you suffer from any condition that is worsened by poor sleep or pressure point pain, or backache, cheap will just make things worse.

Cheap beds are made from cheap materials, and they’re made so that people don’t have to sleep on the floor. The mattress may be made from metal springs with a heavy cloth containing hair, straw, cotton and foam rubber.

For many people, the cheap bed serves its purpose. Until a coil pops out the material and sticks ‘em in the back, that is. Been there, done that.

And those who have had no health issues may suddenly develop problems they don’t understand the cause of.

Benefits of the best beds for sale

Consumers are not always aware of bed technology and all the different materials used in beds to achieve different purposes.

Buying a good bed means less or no pain depending on your condition, and of course, if you have one.

A good bed means undisturbed sleep and this means that you’ll feel fresher and more prepared in the morning. It means long-term cost savings not only in a bed but perhaps in doctors fees. It means clarity of thinking in meetings and your best work during the day.

A bad bed, on the other hand, means pain, disturbed sleep due to discomfort, waking up because you get too hot, depression, weight gain, aches and pains – the list goes on.

If you have the money for it, do yourself a favour and buy a high-quality bed. It’s worth it because you spend a quarter of your life in your bed!

Before we put this to bed…

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There. Now you’re armed and dangerous. And ready for bed.

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