Bed Price: What Should You Be Paying?

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It’s not easy to define bed prices, because there’s so much that comes into play, like:

  • Firmness
  • Body temperature
  • Special needs
  • Sleeping position
  • Partner needs

While one bed may be the right firmness for your sleeping habits, and while it may also be in your budget range, it might not be the right bed for your sleeping partner, or their sleeping habits could make the bed unbearable.

The best beds are produced using highly complex technologies, and what you need to know up front, is that just because a brand calls itself, “Dr xxx” or “Ortho Something or Other”, does not actually mean its approved by a specialist, or that its any good.

The price range of beds & who they suit

To assess the comfort level of a bed, we’ll look at 4 different types of beds and their price ranges:

  1. Budget beds
  2. Memory foam
  3. Latex
  4. Hybrid

1: Budget beds

In the cheapest range of bed price, you can pick up a new single base and mattress for around R2000 and a double mattress and base for about R2500.

The cheapest queen base and mattress is around R2800, and a king base and mattress, R3500.

Who these beds are good for

Beds that fit into the budget category are the cheapest new beds you can buy. They may be suitable but not recommended for small children, teens who have no special needs, and slim young adults who don’t have special needs.

child sleeping on budget bed

2: Memory foam

Memory foam beds start at about R4000 for a new single base and mattress and around R5300 for a double mattress and base.

The cheapest queen base and mattress is around R5000, and a king base and mattress, R7500.

Who these beds are good for

Memory foam beds are great for people who tend to feel cold when sleeping. They are not the types who use fans and they sleep with a blanket and duvet on cooler summer nights. If those cool people also have back issues, a memory foam bed will either relieve the pain or make it worse.

Find out what you need to know about choosing the right memory foam bed.

3: Latex

Latex bed sets can be found for about R6000 for a single, and R7000 for a double.

The queen latex base and mattress starts off at around R8500, while you’re looking at around R12000 for a king.

Who these beds are good for

Latex beds are good for adults who desire comfort, or those who need good support, or people who tend to sleep on their sides and as such, need pressure point relief to avoid daily aches and pains.

4: Hybrid

For a single Hybrid bed base and mattress, you will pay about R14500, and a double will set you back about R21000.

A queen hybrid bed set starts from R25000 and a king, R28000.

However, you can get the highest quality hybrid bed at a greatly discounted price through Genie Beds or any bed shop that stocks our products: a single bed is R5700, a double is R9200, a queen is R10000 and a king, R11500.

Who these beds are good for

Hybrid beds, like Genie Beds, are top-of-the-range, best-of-everything beds, so they are the most value-add bed you can buy, provide high comfort and support for the majority of people, heavier people (up to 200 kg), athletes and those who have special needs like back pain and arthritis. They are exceptional for back problems due to their individually pocketed springs, and high density latex.

Find out what makes a hybrid the best bed.

The problem with cheap beds

Quality sleep starts with a quality bed.

The problem with cheap beds, is that they are more expensive in the long run, because either the springs are going to pop through (ouch), the mattress will need to be changed sooner than a well looked after, better quality mattress which can last up to 10 years, and worst of all, it can affect your health, especially the older you get.

If you have back problems or suffer from arthritis, a bad mattress is only going to aggravate things.

Bed Price Example

Be very careful when choosing a new bed; never base it on price. Here’s a good example. This king bed is far cheaper than other latex foam beds, but only 20% of it is made from latex. As such, you will not reap the benefits of a genuine latex bed.

Jeuque Broxton bought a bed, and 5 months later, said, “I have been suffering from a sore back for a few months. Today when I was changing my bed linen I noticed there was a dip in my bed”.

And then there’s Roz Burris, who, for months, was trying to pinpoint the source of the health issues he’s had for years, for no apparent reason.

She said, “I visited my doctor thinking I was suffering from depression. I have been having sleepless nights for years and wondered why I’m feeling cognitively delayed. I could once dictate policies and mentally retrieve information without any issues.” After reading about the effects of cheap beds, she remembered being told by the bed shop assistant that she will “regret purchasing this mattress” which she and her husband bought a few years prior.

Cheap just does not pay. This article can’t even begin to explain what all can go wrong with a cheap mattress; if you have a tight budget, find out how to make sure you get value for money with this mattress price guide.

To find out more about buying the right bed, download our free Genie Bed guide, ‘How to Choose a Better Bed’

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