3 Reasons Why Headboards Will Bring Your Bedroom Together


We’re starting to learn more about how the lack of sleep affects our health, and yet most of us don’t get enough shut-eye. Doctors report that one of the most common complaints is the lack of sleep and feeling drained.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you’re not getting between 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night, you are at risk and vulnerable to weight gain, all sorts of health problems, lack of energy and on and on it goes.

But did you know that the way your bedroom looks is more important than just being visually appealing and that it has a psychological effect that could help make you sleep better?

How decor affects sleep

A bedroom that is tidy and tastefully decorated will help create the ambience you need for a good night’s sleep and when you’re not sleeping, to get stuff done and perform at your best in whatever you set your mind to on a daily basis.

Now, before you look at the decor, first get the foundations right…surveys and sleep studies show that clutter is one of the reasons that people lose sleep, so in the interest of having a good rest, you may find it helpful to tidy up before heading for Lalaland.

The colour of the room, linen and anything else that makes up the ambience of the space, must be analysed and improved so that when you and your partner enter your little sanctuary, it becomes a refuge of tranquillity and romance and reflects who you are as people.

But since this article is about how headboards can bring your bedroom together, let’s get to it.


History of the headboard

Historically, as far back as ancient Egypt, headboards were in use although then they were made of wood and used as a form of insulation.

In those days, just like today, headboards were very much a status symbol, with the upper-class sporting designer styles and the lower class resorting to, well, extra pillows.

Today, our homes are better insulated and headboards are primarily used to enhance the space, and since the headboard is the focal point of the room, it’s a good idea to find out more about their value with regards to ambience which should be designed for relaxation, so that you can feel calm in the bedroom, which leads to better sleep.

Over the years, designs have evolved and headboards are made from different materials other than wood, like iron and upholstery. The choice is endless, from simple to elaborate styles.

Some headboards are designed to store books and other items and believe it or not, there are even headboards that have been designed for gun storage! But of course, this article being about making your space more tranquil, we don’t advise using your headboard to store stuff that kills.

Let’s take a look at how headboards bring a room together, functionally and aesthetically:

1: Headboards serve functional purposes

Apart from being used for insulation in previous eras, why would you use a headboard at all?

For starters, headboards are eye-catchers and from their added height or intricate designs, have the ability to stand out and create an impression, and an atmosphere conducive to rest.

But, headboards also offer back support for when you sit in bed, leaning back to read a book, watch Netflix with the fam, or for a Father’s Day breakfast in bed.

Lastly, and this one is a tad gross: we all perspire at night. This perspiration is absorbed by our pillows, and if they touch the wall or our heads touch the wall, it may cause dirty greasy marks. Headboards to the rescue! No more dirty marks, headboards can easily be wiped and kept clean.

2: Headboards make any room look better

A headboard gives the finishing touch to your bedroom, making it appear more comfortable and this works on your brain to improve sleep quality.

By choosing colours, textures and accessories that showcase your unique style, you stamp your identity on your bedroom. Headboards add a modern finish to your room.

And if you are someone concerned with the environment, then you should know that the materials that make up the Genie headboard (soon to be released) will be eco-friendly.

3: Achieve comfort and style

The basic furniture in a bedroom may be functional but will fail to create the desired effect on it’s own.

To round off the look (and feel), means adding the small little finishing touches like pillows, not only to make the room look more beautiful but as a functional necessity. For instance, memory foam pillows or the Genie range of natural latex pillows are specially designed to cushion your neck.

Style and comfort are combined as their longevity, breathable fibres and hypoallergenic attributes all add to the value these pillows have on your wellbeing.

Decorative pillows contribute to the beauty of the room, and when combined with a headboard, has the ability to transform any room.

You don’t need to do anything to a room to make it beautiful if you combine a headboard with your bed. Everything else is secondary.

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