Beds For Sale In Johannesburg: Top 6 Retailers To Choose From

Beds For Sale In Johannesburg: Top X Retailers To Choose From

Finding beds for sale in Johannesburg; the largest city in South Africa, is a piece of cake.  There are retailers on every corner.

Finding the right bed for your needs…not so easy, because there is so much to consider.

Genie Beds makes it easier to choose the right bed with our many handy guides, and some retailers on the list below who stock beds for sale in Johannesburg will also stock the Genie bed base and mattress.

First do your research about what to look for in a bed, and what price you should be paying, and once you’re armed with knowledge (cos knowledge is power), then make your final choice with one of these top six bed retailers in Johannesburg:

Beds for sale in Johannesburg: the top six bed retailers

1: The Mattress Warehouse


Delivering nationwide to not only the public but to the hospitality industry and hostels, The Mattress Warehouse is the largest online wholesale bed supplier in South Africa.

They promise to beat any written quotation, so if you find the same bed elsewhere for less, get it in writing and pop it off to The Mattress Warehouse to get it for less.

They sell a huge variety of premium brands, some of which include Genie Beds, Cloud Nine, Rest Assured, Edblo, Genessi, Restonic, Universe Bedding amongst many others

What is great about The Mattress Warehouse is that their sleep consultants are educated to help guide customers into making the most suitable bed choice for them.  

When you land on their website, you can easily find any bed through a search either by bed brand, or bed size. You can buy furniture and accessories from them too, so it’s kind of like a one-stop-shop.

In addition, they offer tips via a blog, just as Genie does.

2: Dial-a-Bed


Dial-a-Bed boasts more than 65 stores and nine warehouses throughout South Africa.

They claim to keep stock of all their top-selling mattress sets so that if you buy before 12 pm, they promise that you can sleep on your new bed that night.

Dial-a-Bed also offers online purchasing, and their site makes it easy to find a bed: search by size or brand and buy furniture and accessories. You can also check out online catalogues which are handy, as well as special online deals.

They offer Comfort Test Areas in all their stores, so you can test all you like before buying.

Genie tip! Never buy a bed based on lying on it for 10 minutes! It takes about a month of nightly testing before you’ll know if it’s a fit. And on that note…Genie offers a 100 day trial period…if you’re not happy with the bed in that period, simply get it sent back.

3: Bedking


Bedking has 13 stores in Johannesburg, and two in Cape Town, but if you order online, they deliver to all the major locations in South Africa, so it doesn’t matter where you are (except of course, if you live in the boondocks).

They offer a brochure and specials on their website, which is helpful, and have special deals for the hospitality industry.

Search for the right bed on their site by:

  • Type of bed
  • Construction
  • Purpose of bed
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Brand

So even though they don’t have as many stores as some bed suppliers, their website is very helpful as a DIY guide, and they sell most major brands. Visiting one of their stores will give you access to a sleep consultant.

4: House and Home


Unlike the previous three, House & Home do not focus solely on beds, but rather sell everything needed to live comfortably in your home. They are a solid, stable company that has been in business for many years.

If you’re looking to buy more than just a bed, this may be the right option. House & Home offer online purchasing and have 53 stores around South Africa.

They also offer finance which is handy, so you don’t need to pay for everything up front, so long as you earn enough and do not have a bad record.

Being a supplier of all home goods, their website is not centred around all things beds and mattresses; but you can sort search results by price, and find most major bed brands. If you need guidance around choosing the right bed, we advise you to pop into one of their stores for help.

5: Essops


Essops is a family business and has been selling furniture since 1991. They’re a direct importer and buy in bulk from local South Africans.

They say they are known to provide quality furniture at affordable prices.

Essops have 16 stores in South Africa, and out of those 16, 14 are located in Johannesburg. They sell most major brands.

Not only can you buy bed stuff on their website, but also furniture; to search for beds, filter searches by price and size.

6: Hirsch’s


Hirsch’s is a chain of appliance and home furnishing suppliers, with a rich history; the Hirsch couple started the business with a mere R900, to set up a small showroom in 1979. Today, they have 17 stores around South Africa.

Buy any appliance and furniture online, and search by brand, price, size and colour.

They offer a live chat service, so you can get help instantly and right from their website as long as it’s during business hours.

Their website also includes their latest specials, and you may just get lucky with what you are looking for…

Hirsch’s sell all major bed brands, including the Genie base and mattress in every size.

Nice tip! Find beds for sale in Johannesburg on special throughout the year on supplier websites, or plan to buy a bed on Black Friday for a good discount (although not all suppliers will participate in Black Friday specials).

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