Memory Foam Pillow vs. Natural Latex: Pro Opinion

memory foam pillows vs. natural latex

A memory foam pillow is made from viscoelastic polyurethane which is man-made.

They can be initially hard to the touch but works with the natural heat of your body to soften and mould to your body shape in a few moments. When the body is lifted off it, a visible imprint is left behind for a few seconds. Memory foam adjusts to pressure, and sinks in with pressure, making it excellent support.

Natural latex, on the other hand, is completely natural and made from the sap of the hevea brasilienis rubber tree, which is foamed to create a lot of tiny air bubbles, to make it soft and bouncy. Natural latex is the green version of memory foam, as it is chemical-free.

But please be aware that in this article, we are not referring to synthetic latex, only natural latex.

Very important to note is that not all memory foam nor natural latex is going to feel the same, because the way it’s been made counts.

Memory Foam Pillow Advantages

Memory foam gives a slow sink into the pillow, but firmness depends on how the pillow is constructed. The greatest advantage of memory foam pillows is that they offer comfort and support:

Spinal alignment

Back or neck pain and headaches are predominantly caused by poor spinal alignment which memory foam pillows help with, as memory foam works with the heat of your body to provide support.

Now, if you don’t suffer from neck, back pain or headaches, the great thing about memory foam pillows is that because of the enhanced spinal alignment, it provides better support to your body which means less tossing and turning, and a good night’s rest.

Reduces pressure points

Memory foam shapes to the uniqueness of your body’s head and neck, and so reduces pressure points because it aligns every small bone in the neck to ensure both the head and neck are well placed.

Simply put, it allows the muscles to relax, unlike normal pillows which don’t.

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Less expensive over time

Memory foam pillows are more expensive than normal pillows, but not over-the-top. However, although you will pay more upfront because they have a longer lifespan than normal pillows, you end up paying less.


The unique properties of synthetic memory foam ward off mildew and mites, so people susceptible to allergic reactions find this kind of pillow a good fit. Good for asthma sufferers and those with respiratory issues.

Decreased snoring/apnea

Memory foam pillows decrease snoring because the better alignment of the spine means the breathing passages are also better aligned.

Memory foam pillows are the best type of pillow for apnea sufferers, with or without a CPAP machine; making it more comfortable to sleep with. However, bear in mind that with sleep apnea, it’s important to choose the right shape of a memory foam pillow.

Memory Foam Pillow Disadvantages

Solid memory foam pillows retain heat and water, which makes you hot and sweaty (and not in a good way, if you know what I mean…)

Having said that, you can get a shredded blend which doesn’t retain as much heat as solid memory foam.

Natural Latex Pillow Advantages

Genie Pillow

Natural latex pillows are a superior version of memory foam pillows. It doesn’t slowly sink like memory foam; instead, it is bouncy and plush. It has all the benefits of memory foam, but also has three added advantages:

Natural latex is the green version of memory foam

Natural latex is 100% natural and contains no chemicals, unlike memory foam which is man-made.

Provides greater comfort

Natural latex pillows provide superior comfort because they don’t take as long to bounce back to shape as memory foam pillows do. Here’s how this impacts your sleep: if you turn over, you have to wait for the memory foam to unshape itself from your previous sleeping position, while natural latex bounces back quicker, which means undisturbed sleep.

Won’t give you the sweats

One of the greatest differentiating factors between memory foam and natural latex pillows is that memory foam makes you hot (nice during winter but not so much in summer), while natural latex doesn’t have the same effect and keeps your body cooler than memory foam.

Natural Latex Pillow Disadvantages


Natural latex is often more expensive than memory foam but also lasts longer than memory foam, so you save in the long-term.


While memory foam pillows provide exceptional support, so does natural latex pillows, which also has added benefits like keeping you cooler, quicker bounce-back for undisturbed sleep and is 100% natural, unlike memory foam which is man-made and contains chemicals.

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