4 Tips For Better Sleep You Would Never [Dream] of


The older you get, the more complicated your relationship with sleep becomes. 

Good sleep is something we have to, by all means, strive for on a regular basis.

In this article, we talk about the importance of a good night’s rest, and four unique tips for better sleep:

The importance of a regular good night’s sleep

We tend to take quality sleep for granted. Our attitude towards our sleep schedule is that we go to bed when we’re tired but other than that, we don’t generally realise the role of sleep in our health and wellbeing.

But…the way you feel when you are awake is largely due to how much sleep you’re getting, and the quality of it.

While you have a night of healthy sleep, your body has a chance to work on maintaining healthy brain function and physical health, and for children up to adolescent age, sleep also helps their growth and development.

Sleep deficiency can be instantly fatal, like falling asleep as you drive, or you can be harmed over a period of time; increasing the risk for chronic health issues like obesity and diabetes.

Sleep deprivation will also impact the way you think and react, influencing the quality of your work, your learning abilities and your relationships. 

Disrupted sleep is one of the key reasons many people visit doctors or turn to sleeping pills, but medication will not solve the real problem – and has its own disadvantages. 

Rather try these tips for better sleep when you’re battling the Zzz’s:

Tips for better sleep

#1: Ensure your bed and pillow are comfy

This is the first of the tips for better sleep because it’s the most important. If you follow all the other tips, but your bed and pillow are not the right fit for you, you will still not get a good night’s rest.

Not a whole lot of people understand bed technology and what it means for a good night’s rest. 

There are many choices of beds to choose from, and we won’t get into it here (but here’s a bed guide which explains the various bed types and how to choose the right one).

The bed must match your needs. 

For example, you may be overweight and get hot in the night, while your partner may be skinny and suffer from backache – each of you will require different bed needs – how do you deal with that? (Hint: Genie beds is one of the only beds that work for the majority of human needs. Problem solved.)

Just as you need a comfortable bed, your choice of pillow is also important. Latex pillows are best because although it has the benefits of memory foam, it’s better because it keeps your head and neck cool, while memory foam heats things up.

Some materials that are used in beds can also cause allergic reactions, which affects your sleep.

#2: Create a calming environment

To create a calming environment conducive for sleep means cool, dark and quiet. The colours in the room should be calming, like blue, green, white, light pink, violet, lavender and so on. 

When sleeping, the room should be as dark as possible, so that means heavy curtains to keep out any light, and no flashing things. 

The worst thing you can do is put a TV in the room (or check your phone during the night)!

Reserve the bedroom for sleep and keep the entertainment and noise out. And in case you’re wondering…yes, sex is fine because it’s calming…

#3: Cool the temperature

Room temperature is vital. It should be cool, not hot, even in winter. 

Make sure you address ventilation, as fresh air while you sleep, will help you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning, instead of thick-headed. Feeling thick-headed when you wake, is because you are inhaling your own carbon dioxide, which is a waste product.

The other thing that many people don’t realise, is that your bed may be making you hot and sweaty. For example, memory foam, because it envelopes you as you sleep, will increase your body temperature.

Genie’s hybrid beds are ideal because they are made from a few different materials, one of which is latex, which is similar to memory foam, but allows for ventilation throughout the bed, to keep your body cool.

Genie bed layers

If you insist on memory foam, do go for memory foam that includes a cooling gel. 

If you tend to get hot, put a fan in the room, even if it doesn’t blow directly on you.

#4: Get daily exercise and sunlight

Regular exercise can impact the quality of your sleep, by raising the temperature of your body.

Hours later after exercising, when your internal thermostat drops back to its normal range, it may trigger drowsiness to help you sleep. 

Don’t neglect natural sunlight, which reinforces natural circadian rhythms; the controller of many of your body’s functions, including the production of melatonin, which regulates sleep.


Don’t take sleep for granted! It will either impact your life positively or negatively.

Whether you sleep only at night or take a nap during the day, first start by making sure your choice of bed and pillow is right. You may want to give the Genie bed set a try; it’s technology and materials are such that the majority of people, even those with health conditions like obesity and back issues, find it comfortable.

And the best thing is that Genie offers a 100 day free trial period…don’t think the bed works for you over that period of time? Simply return it.

We’ve given you just a few tips for better sleep, but this ultimate guide goes into a lot more detail; be sure to check it out. 

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