Ensuite Bedroom: Transform Your Bedroom With These Quick Tips

ensuite bedroom

In this article, we’ll assume you already understand that the primary source of a good sleep is a good bed; no matter how beautiful your modern home design with its ensuite bedroom, without a quality bed that caters to your specific needs, like the Genie hybrid bed, you will not get a good night’s rest. Period. (Side note! Find out how to choose the right bed).

Now that the comfy bed issue is covered, what else can you do to create a place in your home that you as parents, can call your very own sanctuary?

Let’s [uncover] that:

Optimising an ensuite bedroom for better sleep

When we think of modern home plans and ensuite bedrooms, our thoughts turn to the bedrooms of glossy magazines. 

But the reality is that most bedrooms are a muddle of furniture, equipment, entertainment systems and clothes.

A cluttered and disorganised room takes its toll on sleep and does nothing to relax you after a hard day’s work.

So, tip number 1 is get rid of the junk, and toss the noise, and then you can focus on creating an ambience that fosters good sleep:

Set the stage with ambience

ensuite bedroom

To create a calming influence on your body, pay attention to:

  • Low lighting just before sleep, and as much darkness as possible when sleeping.
  • The temperature in the room should be cool, never hot so that your body’s internal organs can slow down. 
  • Block out the noise. You can either try earplugs as the easiest resort or insulate noise with double glazed windows. A very effective tip is to create your own low-level noise, like the whir of a fan, to keep distracting noises out.
  • Colour has an incredible effect on our emotions, so choosing the right colours for your ensuite bedroom is key; white, lighter blues, lavender, pink and white are all calming colours.
  • Remove sensory stimulation, like TVs, computers, mobile phones and so on.

Bonus tip! Aromatic oils and candles add to the mood, are calming and romantic.

Make small, low-cost changes

To make the best of open floor plans, aka ensuite bedrooms, follow these small, no to low-cost tips:

  • Allow sunlight and fresh air throughout the day, and make sure you keep a window open at night to wake up fresh headed in the morning.
  • Add soft lighting in the bathroom so if you get up at night, a full-on light won’t wake you.
  • Use a rug to trap any cold, or if you have to walk on cold flooring to get to the bathroom in the night.
  • If the space is fairly small, consider adding a mirror, or mirrors, to create the illusion of extra space.

Increase storage space

In order to keep your sleep space organised, which is very important to make an ensuite bedroom calming for a good night’s rest, you will need storage space.

  • Buy a bed base that allows for under-bed storage, as in many rooms, this is the largest space to stowaway goods where they can’t be seen. The Genie bed, for instance, not only uses smart technology for a comfortable mattress but also considers practicality in the base. In fact, Genie also offers custom made under-bed baskets that fit perfectly and makes it easy to keep things organised.

The Genie base provides ample space to store goods unseen.

  • Reorganise. Go through cupboards and drawers and toss what does not belong. Get rid of things you don’t use.
  • Maximise space: use a set of drawers instead of a shelf, install shelving on the perimeters of walls, hang a laundry hamper on the back of a door instead of placing a clumpy basket on the floor, fold and store bedsheets under the mattress, add hooks to the back of your wardrobe wall.


Your home, modern house plans or not, is your sanctuary; it’s where you go to unwind, be yourself, and charge up for the next day.

Your ensuite bedroom is sacred because rest is vital to maintain health.  (See the ultimate good night’s rest guide for more info).

How you sleep is partly what impacts the next day’s joy and sense of wellbeing, so it’s important to transform this space into what works to bring tranquillity and full and undisturbed night.

Start with the bed first and foremost, as the bed will give you a quick win (i.e. good night’s rest), then focus on functionality, and once that’s done, address things like design and other interior makeovers that cost more.

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