Folding Bed Base Benefits

Choosing the right bed base is important for getting the best out of your mattress, and therefore, the best sleep. Whether it’s a bed for you, your family, or for your guests, you want to ensure as much comfort as possible; after all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping!

Portable bed bases used to come with a reputation of being uncomfortable, cumbersome, and bad for your back; nowadays they are convenient, durable, and ultra-comfy!

Advantages of a Genie Bed Base

A Genie bed base comes in compact packaging, allowing for easy transportation. It’s available in five different sizes, with a blue slip-on cover in each “set”.

Bed Base Allows a Mattress to “Breathe”

Your mattress is bound to be exposed to spills and stains and other unsavoury things – it needs to be able to have air circulating around it to avoid growing mould and attracting bed bugs. A portable bed base from Genie Beds is perfect for providing optimum support, while the design allows the mattress to be exposed to air.

Strong and Supportive

Everything you need from a bed, Genie bed bases have strong, reinforced parts that will provide stability and support for many years to come.

Easy to Transport

One of the biggest groans about moving is getting your bed base to your next location. They can be cumbersome and awkward to carry, especially if you are on, or moving, to an upper level. With a portable bed base, you can dissemble it, pop it back in the box and move with ease! It’s great for students and people who move around regularly.

The Magic of the Genie Bed Base

The Genie bed base is a typical platform base; but our platform base is also specially designed with comfort, durability, and the environment in mind. The Genie bed base is light and easy to move, and it can hold 200 kg of weight. A bonus is that because it is so easily moved, it’s also easy to keep the flooring under it spotless.

It is made from eco-friendly plastics and high-quality aluminium materials. This mattress-base combo creates a sturdy, solid platform for the mattress, allowing it to be placed directly onto the base. Built to last, it is cost-effective and eliminates the need for the more expensive, but equally effective, box-spring base.

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