Buy a Bed Online: How to Make Sure You’re Getting Value for Your Money

Just like with any product, buying a new bed should be carefully considered before committing to the buy. If you’re in the market for a new bed, a bargain on a mattress price is always tempting. After all, why pay more than you need to?

Many people have a common misconception that every mattress is the same. This can’t be further from the truth. A “cheap”, regular mattress may not cost a lot initially, but for your health and your sleep, it may cost everything. Low quality mattresses don’t last long before their springs begin to stick out, they start to cave in and warp, or they start tearing. Buying a low-quality mattress will mean having to replace it more often.

Another common misconception is that high quality mattresses cost a fortune. The price of the item does not determine its quality. So, what does?

Beds for Sale: The Quality Check

Bouncing on every bed in the bed store is a futile exercise; the only way to tell if a bed is going to work for you is to sleep on it for a few nights. This isn’t always possible, because many bed companies won’t offer a return policy if their beds aren’t right for you. This is also a tell-tale sign that it may not be what you’re hoping for (we’ll elaborate below).

Bed Base Material

A bed base provides the foundation for great sleep. It is imperative that your bed base is solid and made of material that won’t eventually make the mattress warp or become lopsided. Wooden bed bases, for example, are not only environmentally unfriendly; they tend to make sounds the older they get. They may also succumb to certain moulds, especially in more humid areas. Slatted bed bases can also cause imbalances of the mattress and should be considered carefully before purchase.

Your bed base should be made of a sustainable material that can be moved easily, that can take consistent weight change often without changing shape, and won’t fall victim to nasty conditions that other bed bases may.

Genie Bed Bases are made from robust materials with all the qualities of a great bed base. They can withstand up to 400kgs of bodyweight and will not bend or break easily.

Look Over the Warranty

A bed that comes with neither a warranty nor a return policy might not be the bed for you. Lack of these surety documents may mean that the brand doesn’t have faith in their product, and can be a red flag on the quality assurance.

Genie Beds is so confident about the quality of our bed sets that, in addition to a five-year guarantee and 15-year warranty on both its mattress and base. If there is any issue with your bed, then you can simply contact us and we’ll come and pick it up from you.

Choosing a quality bed is easy when you choose the right brand. Choose the right brand; get in touch with us.