Buy Beds Online: It’s Better

Online shopping has exploded in popularity, changing the world of shopping for all consumers. With life as fast-paced as it is for all working professionals, it makes it difficult to always find time to physically go from store to store to find the perfect item you’re looking for. There are many benefits and reasons to buy beds online in South Africa.

Flexible and Convenient Shopping

The best thing about online shopping is that you carry it in your pocket wherever you go. Whether you’re idling, waiting for an appointment, or simply relaxing at home, you can shop for beds online using your mobile phone. You can also shop after hours, and won’t have to worry about getting dressed, or getting the kids ready! But how do you know that the mattress you’re eyeing out will be good for you?

Honest Reviews

Another great benefit of online shopping is that you can check out the kinds of reviews given by customers about the company and the products. Reviews submitted by shoppers on third party platforms can’t be taken down by the company, so they are usually quite honest and reliable.

Make sure that you look at more than one page of reviews if its available. One bad review may have been given by someone who was having a particularly bad day, rather than reflecting their experience with the brand. Do some additional research to find out whether the product is worth another look or not.

Less Sales Pressure

Online, you won’t be bombarded by different salespeople clambering for your attention or trying to make an up-sale. This means that you can shop at leisure without feeling pressured into buying anything. Salespeople in bed stores may be intimidating and put you off wanting to go inside. Online, you won’t have that issue.

Be More Informed

There is a common misconception that you’ll be able to tell whether a bed or mattress is for you or not by going instore to test it out. Even if you can “test” the bed, a few minutes of sitting or lying on it won’t tell you how it will be to sleep on it. Therefore, buying a bed online is practical. You can browse through different sizes, firmness, styles, and more. You can also see what products are recommended with the purchase so you can conveniently order everything at once!

Mattress in a Box – With Online Benefits

Genie Beds has an incredibly convenient bed in a box! Our online store allows users to select between the different firmness levels on our range of mattresses, which comes bundled with the amazing Genie Base. You can and then finish it off with your own unique style by mixing and matching between our range of base cover colours and fabric finishes. Visit our site for more information.