Beds for Sale: Is a Second-Hand Bed a Good Idea?

Whether you’re starting out in your first place, or you’re in the market for a new bed, browsing through beds for sale can be overwhelming. This is because there are thousands of bed sets in South Africa to choose from, and it may be difficult to know which one to go for.

A few people have come up with the plan to buy a second-hand bed for sale, to cut costs and to get the process over and done with quickly. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are deciding to take this route.

Cons of a Buying a Second-Hand Bed

If you’re getting it from a family member who you know and trust, buying a used bed isn’t a terrible idea. However, you’ll still want to thoroughly examine it before jumping into paying up. The same applies if you’re buying it online from a second-hand marketplace. Your bed is your sleep sanctuary; you need it to be in good shape, and able to provide necessary support and comfort. Here are some things you can’t tell about a bed from a mere picture on the internet:

Internal Damage

It’s impossible to tell from a picture if there are coils and springs in the mattress that are bending in strange directions or protruding under the layers of padding. These may not only poke you when you lie down, it may even cause the bed to be lopsided, causing you some serious backpain and possible permanent bodily harm.

Infestations and Hygiene Risks

Used beds and mattresses don’t come with a detailed history document, so it’s very difficult to know how clean they actually are. Pet stains, people stains, dead skin cells, and all sorts of other icky things you’d prefer not to be dealing with may be lurking inside that mattress. Oftentimes, not even the deepest clean can bring it back to sanitary standards.

Unwanted Guests

Every bedroom’s nightmare; bloodsucking parasitic bedbugs (eek!). Bedbugs are not only drawn to dirty places, which is a common misconception. They can be found anywhere they have a constant food source; a human or animal. Your ‘new’ mattress may be harbouring these nasty critters and you won’t know until you wake up red and itchy.

Other Options

Buying a brand-new bed may seem pricey at first, but it is an investment you’ll be thankful you made. You won’t have to concern yourself with all of the above, and you’ll know that your bed is going to last you for at least the next 15 years. You’ll end up saving money by not needing to get a deep cleaner in, using disinfectants and other detergents to ensure it’s hygienic, and having to replace it every two or so years. For the recommended option, contact us for more information on our incredible beds for sale.