How to Makeover Your Bedroom With the Genie Bed Sets

Genie Bed Sets

There’s a bit more to create the perfect bedroom than just plonking a bed in a room; even if your bed is made up of the best quality mattress and base, like the Genie bed sets.

After all, as you spend close to one-third of your life in your bedroom, it stands to reason that it should be transformed it into the most tranquil, relaxing environment it can be, for optimal sleep.

Creating such a setting just takes a bit of creativity regarding the critical elements: the room layout, lighting, temperature, sound, and, of course, what to look for in a top-quality base and mattress, which we will discuss further in this blog.

So, let’s look at them individually.


Whether the room is large or small, specific layout rules apply to both. Like, measure your bedroom and draw up a simple plan before you start buying new furniture.

Also, make sure you choose the right bed size for the room. To comfortably accommodate a queen-size bed plus a couple of bedside tables, and maybe a chest of draws, your bedroom needs to be at least 3.5 x 3.5 meters.

Whereas for a king-sized bed with the same basic furniture, think of around 4 x 4 meters as a minimum.

The general rule is that a bed placed in the middle of a room needs at least 75cm of space on three sides to avoid that room looking cramped.  

Also, go for a bed base that allows for storage underneath the bed; it’ll free up a lot of space elsewhere.  

And if you’re into Feng Shui, there’s an endless raft of do’s and don’ts that you’ll find of great interest.

Genie Bed sets


Regarding lighting, obviously, the traditional overhead illumination source is your brightest solution when you need some extra light. But consider side lamps to create a mellower mood.

Above all, consider how conducive the bedroom is for uninterrupted sleep when all lighting has been switched off, and the curtains are drawn.

For instance, an interesting phenomenon occurs when we are lying down in a darkened room. A hormone called melatonin is released that helps to induce sleep.

So, blocking all light – and this means the blinking lights emitted from electronic gizmos – needs to be prioritised.

There is also copious evidence to show that electronic screens such as cell phones, tablets, TVs and laptops emit a blue light that interferes with your circadian rhythms, otherwise known as your body clock.

Upsetting your body clock leads to sleep deprivation, which can play havoc with your health and well-being. So, switch off all devices at bedtime, or better still, banish them from your bedroom.


It goes without saying that noise is a hindrance to a decent night’s shuteye. After all, just because you’re asleep doesn’t mean that your hearing has nodded off.

Some people swear by white noise machines, which can block out quite a lot of exterior noise.

Of course, a cheaper option is to use foam earplugs. Disposable sleep earplugs are soft and comfortable, but, it’s advised not to use them for prolonged periods as they can restrict wax from being drained from your ears, which occurs naturally when you’re asleep.

If exterior noise is persistent, consider soundproofing your room. Options range from door sweeps, which merely cover the gap at the bottom of a door, to double glazing, to soundproofing foam squares.

Controlling the room temperature is another critical factor. A room too hot or too cold or too draughty can also impede a good night’s kip.

Within every 24-hour cycle, your body temperature drops to its lowest level when you’re asleep. So, maintaining a constant temperature of between 16 and 17 degrees centigrade is considered ideal for the bedroom. But make it a tad warmer for small children and the elderly.

Genie queen size bed


Of course, nothing contributes more to the perfect sleep environment than having one of the Genie bed sets in your home.

Starting with the Genie base, thanks to the sturdy virgin polymer and high-grade aluminium materials, the days of squeaking, creaking and groaning bedframes are well and truly over.

The Genie base also allows for much storage space, all of which can be hidden away thanks to the Genie’s classy-looking slip-on cover.

As for the mattress – think of it as lying on cloud nine.

Pressure point aches and pains are eliminated because the Genie has a layer of natural latex that contours to the shape of your body.

The five-zone, individual pocket coil springs distribute your body weight evenly across the entire bed for additional comfort and better blood circulation during sleep.  

Also, as each coil moves independently in what is referred to as ‘zero motion transfer’, you could share a Genie bed with a breakdancing bull elephant and still sleep like a log.

You won’t wake up feeling hot and bothered, either. The Genie mattress incorporates dozens of ventilation holes that allow air to circulate and to disperse the heat build-up that occurs in mattresses of lesser quality. So, your body temperature remains constant throughout the night.

Just like the mattress, the Genie pillow is also made of natural latex and custom anti-mite/anti-allergy fabric. It’s also designed in a contoured shape that aligns your head in the perfect sleeping position.

Putting it all together – layout, lighting, soundproofing, temperature control and lying on a technological masterpiece like the bed-in-a-box Genie – and you have created pretty much the perfect environment for the room in which you spend almost one-third of your life.

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