Guest Bed Ideas: 7 Tips to Make Your Guests Feel At Home

Guest bed ideas

Lets look at how your guest bed will be comfortable for everyone who comes to visit.

Having guests to stay at your home is a joyful experience. But it can be a little stressful if you want everything to be ‘perfect’. However, if you make the effort with a few important details, everything else will fall into place and you get to enjoy your guest’s company instead of worrying and being anxious around your guests. Whether it is family, old friends or even someone you don’t know very well, there are some hacks that we’ll unpack here that will ensure your guests have a comfortable, memorable and relaxed experience staying in your home. 

House to home

Guest bed 1

It is not just the host who might feel a little anxious. Your guests might worry that they are imposing or disrupting your daily life, so small details that show that you have been thoughtful and caring of their needs will go a long way to putting them at ease, admiring your fabulous hosting skills and transforming your house to home for your guests.

The most important aspects are to prepare your guest’s ‘personal spaces’ such as their bed / bedroom and bathroom. There is nothing more delightful than a good night’s sleep, so focussing on that will win you 5 stars on the hosting front. Think back to the times when you have stayed at other people’s houses. What do you remember most? 

Generally, the most important aspects are: 

  • The way your hosts make you feel
  • How well you slept 
  • How comfortable the bed was!

Whether you have the luxury of a separate guest bedroom or have relocated family members and shifted things around to accommodate your guests, these tips for the guest bed and the guest bedroom and bathroom will ensure that they feel welcome and cared for.

1. Clean sheets and bedding

Guest bed 2

Before your guests arrive, plan out where they will be sleeping, and put your favourite crisp, clean bedding, linen and towels out for them. We all know there is nothing nicer than sinking off to sleep on fresh-smelling, clean linen and a perfect pillow. And a stack of clean towels or bath sheets (that are nice and big if possible) will leave your guests feeling right at home.

2. Some storage space

Living out of a suitcase is not the best. If you can, clear some cupboard shelves, provide a shoe rack, anything that you can think of that will allow your guests to unpack a little, and feel that homey feeling while they are with you.

3. Flowers

It’s one of those touches that are not ‘necessary’ but, oh how delightful to walk into your guest accommodation and find fresh flowers adorning the room. It’s an inexpensive way to express ‘I treasure your company’.

4. The little extras – temperature control

Depending on whether it is Winter or Summer and which type of climate you live in, think about what makes you comfortable at night. Is it hot and warm? Then putting out a fan or putting the remote for the air conditioner in a prominent place is great. A little chilly? Make sure that there are spare, warm blankets in an obvious place so no one has to sleep in their Winter coat!

5. The guest bed – super important!

Investing in a great bed that is comfortable, supportive and conducive to a great night’s sleep is a huge lifestyle investment, whether it is for your guests or for your family. Getting excellent sleep, night after night will ensure higher levels of happiness, productivity and the resilience to deal effectively with a busy daily life. A superb-quality mattress and movable base like the Genie Mattress and base can benefit you, your family and your guests. The Genie Mattress is the stuff dreams are made of. A 4-layer solution puts all the most common barriers of sleep to rest. Natural Latex for comfort, weight distribution, and a healthy blood circulation. A mattress that works with your body to provide optimal spine alignment and air circulation for the perfect temperature every time. The Zero Motion Transfer promise comes from the individually pocketed spring systems in the mattress that absorbs weight independently and not as a unit, meaning disturbed sleep from a restless partner is yesterday’s news.

And the Genie Base? A solid foundation that’s a breeze to install and move around as you wish. The Genie Base is a simple helping hand to the Genie Mattress, featuring a convenient install process, eco-friendly design, and removing the burden that old traditional timber bases usually bring with them. And when you put the Genie Pillow into the mix, well then there’ll be nothing in the way  great quality sleep. One of the loveliest aspects of a system like this is that you can get the highest quality in an easy-install format that takes the stress away.

6. The bathroom

It goes without saying that a clean bathroom and some luxurious little extras will make your guests feel like they’re in heaven. Make sure the bathroom is super clean and haul out the nicest soaps and best toilet paper you have. If you want to add a few candles and some travel-sized toiletries, you’ll be prized as the host / hostess with the most / mostest!

7. Making sure your guests can connect

This is not a tip that would be included 20 years ago, but we all need to stay connected. Your guests will want to WhatsApp their nearest and dearest, upload their adventures to social media, check email or just unwind with a Netflix movie. So, printing out the WiFi connection codes and leaving in a prominent place in the room is super-efficient.

Being the place that everyone wants to come back to? Easy…

Making sure your guests have a comfortable and clean guest bed and guest bathroom will ensure that they LOVE staying with you. In fact, they might ask to stay longer!

To find out more about buying the right bed for better sleep, download our free Genie Bed guide, ‘How to Choose a Better Bed’

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