Body Building: It’s So Easy You Can Do It In Your Sleep

Genie Beds Body Building

Interesting things happen when you enter the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep.

Your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature rise a tad.

Your brain runs riot as you enter dreamland.  

And, during this stage of deep sleep, as much as 80% of your growth hormones are released.

These are the hormones that help to repair, rebuild and strengthen muscle tissue that have been damaged by the rigours of the day.

If you’re training, working or living hard, ensuring you get sufficient, uninterrupted sleep isn’t something that can be taken lightly.  

And that also means never compromising on the quality of your bed.

So, take a closer look at a different kind of bed – the new-age Genie Bed.

The bed in a box that can be assembled in minutes to give you countless years of peaceful slumber.   

But there’s far more to a Genie Bed than just the cool factor (and on that score, it’s positively Arctic).

Its natural latex and pocket coil springs offer the ultimate in lasting comfort.


Because the Genie mattress forms to perfectly envelop your body contour, allowing for all the comfy support your curves need.

And that means you don’t wake up with the aches and pains associated with body pressure points.



On the longevity front, expect your Genie Bed – which is destined to become your favourite chill-out space – to be around for countless years to come.

A robust frame around the perimeter of the mattress will ensure that your Genie will always retain its shape.

And the high-density foam casing means your mattress will never sag.

Incidentally, this foam casing also has a series of built-in holes that allows air to circulate to prevent unnecessary heat build-up. And by maintaining your body heat as much as possible, you’ll sleep better for longer.

Genie’s specially designed plush fabric also has anti-mite and anti-allergy properties, so the bed bugs simply bug off.

And with the base being constructed of 100% recyclable virgin polymer and high-grade aluminium, unlike wooden beds, you’ll never hear a squeak from your Genie.

Whichever way you look at it, the new-age Genie really is the better bed.

To make it a risk-free proposition, we’ll give you 100 nights to sleep over it.

If, for any reason you’re not happy with your Genie mattress within 100 days from purchase, then return it to us in the same condition that you bought it and we will gladly refund you. Please see the Return Conditions in our T&Cs for more details.

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