What Goes into Making a Genie?

Well, we’ve spent a lot of time and money figuring out the best possible combinations and technology to put into the Genie products. We never wanted to settle for a product that didn’t check off every point of our list that equals quality, healthy sleep. Our Genie products are internationally patented, so you know quality like this can’t be found elsewhere. And since we never wanted to create products that don’t stand the test of time, our Genie Bed has been tested by the STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) to prove its quality and durability under long term use.

Genie Beds Patented

Arthur Bitzounis is an industrial designer with years of experience in the furniture industry. He strives to solve problems by developing sustainable products which do not adversely impact the environment in any way.

Designer Profile

A better method.   A better design.   A better bed.

“I believe that all new ideas stem from the frustration people experience with products that affect their daily lives. My story of untold frustration and discomfort goes back to 2014 when my relatively new 12 month old bed (won’t mention the well-known brand) started developing a voice of its own…First it was the eeea.. (as in squeeeak) every time I tossed in bed, then it was the crrr.. (as in crrrack) at every attempt to get out of bed

After having to bear with this self-talking bed for some weeks I woke up one morning and thought enough is enough, I picked up the phone and called the company who sold me my bed and angrily voiced my rightful complaint, only to be told that their warranty only covers the mattress and not the base.

As I could not bear living with a bed base that talks back to me I unwillingly parted with more of my hard-earned money to that same bed supplier for a new bed base. Well lo and behold some 6 or so months after that, this new bed base also starts to chat away at every toss and turn of my now weary and sleepless body

In short this is what led me to start thinking of designing a bed product which would be great to sleep on and that would not start a conversation with me every time I used my bed.

Surely if I was experiencing these frustrations then so would many other unsuspecting consumers.”