Genie Base


Thanks to its compact packaging, the Genie base allows for easy transportation and set-up. It is available in five different sizes, and each box is packaged with a standard blue slip-on cover. Durable, compact and convenient. Good night!


Every Great Mattress Needs a Great Base

Underneath every great mattress is a great base – providing a solid foundation for quality sleep. Our Genie Base, much like our mattress, is painless to setup and is easily movable with its knock down design.

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100 Night Free Trial

100 Nights Trial

Compact Design

Compact Design

Totes Comfy

Totes Comfy

The foundation to great sleep

Traditionally, bed bases have been heavy, hard to manoeuvre chunks of heavy material with no real benefits other than adding height to your mattress. Well, this all changes with our Genie Base.

Genie Base with box
Genie Base - Movable

Ease of Move

Ever tried to manoeuvre a static timber base up a stairwell or around a tight corner? Pretty impossible to do.

With the Genie Base, we have solved the problem of not being able to get your bed base into your bedroom. Our patented design and easy to assemble base allows you to move your base both in and out of rooms with ease.

Designed to Last - Genie Beds

Designed to Last

Our Genie base is built to last, and to support the all the amazing sleep qualities the Genie mattress provides. With the ability to take up to 200kg per person, a 5 years guarantee and a 15 year warranty your Genie base simply does a more stellar job and lasts longer than your average timber base.

No Squeeks

No Squeaks or Cracks

The aluminium and polymer construction means it is also more hygienic …with none of the squeaky sound effects that come from expanding and contracting wood.
We wanted to build a solid base that does away with the trademark squeaks and cracks that keep you up at night. Made from an aluminium and polymer construction which means it’s a lot more hygienic as well in the long run.

Eco Friendly - Genie beds


The traditional bed base we’re all familiar with is constructed with crude timber, which in comparison to our Genie base – is not as eco-friendly. Our Genie base is made from injected moulded polymer parts and extruded high tensile aluminium meaning no trees are harmed in making our base.


Durable, compact and convenient.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to manoeuvre a bed base around the tight corners of your home. Thanks to its compact packaging, the Genie base allows for easy transportation and set-up. 

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Amazing, Quality Sleep in minutes

How To Assemble Base


What is Genie?

Genie is the better way to buy a bed. It’s a bed in a box with latex foam and pocket coil springs that basically unpacks itself. And you’ve got 100 nights to try it out. It’s also totes comfy.

How do I set up the mattress?

Just remove the packaging and unroll! It’s ridiculously easy.

What sizes does it come in?

Genie bases and mattresses come in single, double, queen, queen extra length, and king sizes.

How does the 100-night trial work?

We know how hard it is to commit to something new, so we’re giving you 100 nights to try out your product, risk free. If you aren’t happy with your Genie within the 100 nights, contact us and we’ll come and pick it up again.

Additional information
Dimensions 188 × 91 cm
Sizes Available

Single, Double, Queen, Queen XL, King, King XL