Genie Mattress

Genie Mattress

The Genie mattress is the easy to unpack, dream mattress you’ve been wishing for that takes the pain out of achieving perfect sleep.

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100 Night Free Trial

100 Nights Trial

Compact Design

Compact Design

Totes Comfy

Totes Comfy

Great sleep through our technology

A natural latex, high density foam mattress with individually pocketed springs, crafted through years of research and development, giving you the sleep you so desperately deserve!

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Genie mattress
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No Pressure Points

Our layer of natural latex is pressure relieving, as it is responsive to the touch and contours to body shape in order to distribute the weight of your body across the entire surface area of the bed – in order to promote healthy blood circulation during sleep. What does this all mean for you on a day to day basis? Well, extended sleep in one position allows you to enjoy a deeper, better sleep free of restlessness. When people say its like sleeping on a cloud this is what they mean!

best-beds-Mattress firm Spine Alignment

Spine Alignment

The natural latex layer in our Genie mattress is firm, to push back and respond to your body weight in order to offer equal and comfortable support throughout your body. The benefit of this comes in with optimal spine alignment.

bed Mattress Air Circulation: Genie beds

Air Circulation

The Genie bed is designed to regulate the temperature of your body during sleep through our air circulation system that allows heat to flow from your body.

Genie Beds: No Motion Transfer

No Motion Transfer

The individual pocket spring system featured in the Genie mattress is designed to optimally distribute weight across the bed – resulting in zero motion transferring to other sides of the bed and a higher quality of undisturbed sleep.

Genie Mattress in a box

What does perfect sleep look like?

We’ve thought about this question a lot, it’s what led us to create our high quality Genie bed products. And we’re confident that our products answer this question for you as well. With a simple and convenient buying and setup process, coupled with our confidence in the product to give you a 100 night trial to test out all of these great features – we want you to see that perfect sleep = the Genie bed.

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What is Genie?

Genie is the better way to buy a bed. It’s a bed in a box with latex foam and pocket coil springs that basically unpacks itself. And you’ve got 100 nights to try it out. It’s also totes comfy.

How do I set up the mattress?

Just remove the packaging and unroll! It’s ridiculously easy.

What sizes does it come in?

Genie bases and mattresses come in single, double, queen, queen extra length, and king sizes.

How does the 100-night trial work?

We know how hard it is to commit to something new, so we’re giving you 100 nights to try out your product, risk free. If you aren’t happy with your Genie within the 100 nights, contact us and we’ll come and pick it up again.