Next Level Body Support

Made for all shapes, weights and sizes. Forget back support, Genie mattresses support your whole body. With individual pocket springs located in 5 zones and wire thickness differentiation in each zone, extra support is given to heavier and lighter parts of your body.

bed base
Genie Beds: No Motion Transfer

Zero Motion Transfer

Each coil can move independently and will absorb pressure applied to specific parts of the mattress. Does your partner move around a lot during the night? With this hybrid bed you no longer know the answer to that question.

Natural Latex

Natural Latex Layer

The natural latex foam layer in Genie mattresses is responsive and contours to your body in ways air memory foam can’t, it distributes your weight over a larger surface area and relieves your pressure point resulting in better circulation and longer, more comfortable sleep.

bed Mattress Air Circulation: Genie beds

Air Circulation

All Genie Beds are designed to allow optimal air circulation throughout your mattress. Which means you can say goodbye to that power struggle over the covers at night since your body heat will remain at a constant, meaning restlessness is last nights problem.

Easy Assembly

Easy To Install

Our Genie Base is easy to install and move around when needed – taking the fuss out of owning a bed base.

Eco Friendly - Genie beds


The Genie Base is made from eco-friendly materials such as aluminium and polymer, unlike traditional wood timber bases that aren’t sustainable to the environment.

Bed mattress

No Pressure Points

Our layer of natural latex is pressure relieving, as it is responsive to the touch and contours to body shape in order to distribute the weight of your body across the entire surface area of the bed – in order to promote healthy blood circulation during sleep. 

Take a peek inside Genie

Genie Mattress

Peel back the layers to discover the best sleep ever

Back explode

Your best sleep through our technology

We spent years designing a truly better bed, that gives you the support and the comfort you need for a healthy nights sleep.

Pocket springs

To support the body evenly and distribute weight effectively, our 5 zones of individual pocket springs come to the rescue for an otherworldly standard of comfort.

Bottom foam layer

Much like the foam support layer between the pocket springs and the natural latex layer, the bottom foam layer adds another layer of plush comfort by supporting the pocket springs from the bottom non-slip layer.

Non-slip layer

Fabric and polyester fibre padding for structural support and mattress slip prevention

Foam and fabric encasing

Genie’s custom knit fabric bonded with 0.5cm of foam backing as well as airflow hole-studded, high-density foam, for added plush comfort and temperature regulation.

Foam support layer

To provide a helping hand between the pocket springs and natural latex layer, we employed the use of foam for that extra level of comfort and practicality.

Natural latex layer

Our natural latex layer combines comfort and pressure relief, as well as being breathable to allow for consistent air flow in one of our most important layers

Quilted knit covering

The custom quilted knit fabric top layer of a Genie mattress which is anti-allergenic and anti-mite, whilst combined with 3cm of plush foam for superior comfort allows you to say goodbye to  bed bugs and blocked noses.


Take a peek inside Genie

Peel back the layers to discover the best sleep ever

Back explode

Your best sleep through our technology

We spent years designing a truly better bed, that gives you the support and the comfort you need for a healthy nights sleep.

Totes Comfy

Low Maintenance

Your Genie is a “do not flip” mattress, which means that you always keep it fabric side up. All you need to do to keep your bed in perfect working condition is rotate it head to toe every 3 months. Easy peasy!

100 Night Free Trial

100 Nights Trial

We sleep for about a third of our lifetime, so testing out a bed for 5 minutes in the store isn’t going to cut it. We’re giving you 100 nights, on us, to make up your mind fully on whether you’re happy with the Genie bed – and if you’re not, just contact us and we’ll come pick it up from you personally!

Compact Design

Compact Packaging

Genie beds and bases are super compact, so you can even get your box delivered to your workplace and shove it right in your boot. While your neighbours struggle up the stairs with their bulky beds, you can waltz right past them, and through your front door. There’s no fear of getting stuck in a lift or around any tricky corners.


What is Genie?

Genie is the better way to buy a bed. It’s a bed in a box with latex foam and pocket coil springs that basically unpacks itself. And you’ve got 100 nights to try it out. It’s also totes comfy.

How do I set up the mattress?

Just remove the packaging and unroll! It’s ridiculously easy.

What sizes does it come in?

Genie bases and mattresses come in single, double, queen, queen extra length, and king sizes.

How does the 100-night trial work?

We know how hard it is to commit to something new, so we’re giving you 100 nights to try out your product, risk free. If you aren’t happy with your Genie within the 100 nights, contact us and we’ll come and pick it up again.