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Cool as a cucumber

There’s nothing worse than waking up a hot mess. Genie’s foam casing also has a series of built-in holes allowing for air circulation.

This prevents heat build-up, maintaining your body temperature, and allowing you to sleep better, for longer.

No more napping on the floor

Genie’s foam casing also increases the usable area of the Genie mattress. You can sleep from end to end on your bed, without the fear of falling off. (A funny thing to witness, but a total pain in the backside!)


Built to support all the junk in your trunk

People don’t weigh the same from head to toe, so Genie mattresses contain individual pocket springs located in 5 zones. Wire thickness differs in each zone, allowing extra support for the lighter and heavier parts of your body.

Saggy bed? No way!

With a framed border around the perimeter of your mattress, you don’t worry about your bed losing its shape. High-density foam casing ensures a sag-free mattress, perfect for years and years of happy snoozing.

Super cushy on your tushy

Genie’s natural latex foam forms perfectly with your body contour, allowing for all the comfy support your curves may need. No body pressure points, no sleep discomfort. Dreamland, here we come! 


No creepies, no scratchies

Genie’s specially designed plush fabric offers anti-mite and anti-allergy properties. Phew. Now you can sleep tight, without worrying about that bug bite.

Low maintenance, high spirits

Your Genie is a “do not flip” mattress, which means that you always keep it fabric side up. All you need to do to keep your bed in perfect working condition is rotate it head to toe every 3 months. Easy peasy!

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100 Night Free Trial

100 Nights Trial

Compact Design

Compact Design

Totes Comfy

Totes Comfy

100 Nights Trial

We’re so confident that you’ll love your new Genie bed, that we can confidently offer you 100 nights to sleep on it, risk free. If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, we will gladly refund you and collect the product in its original condition and packaging. Please see return conditions in the T&C.

Compact Packaging

Genie beds and bases are super compact, so you can even get your box delivered to your workplace and shove it right in your boot. While your neighbours struggle up the stairs with their bulky beds, you can waltz right past them, and through your front door. There’s no fear of getting stuck in a lift or around any tricky corners.

Easy to Assemble

Whether you’re unrolling our beaut of a mattress, or clicking together one of our bases, Genie is all about putting as little time into making your bed as possible. Less time building = more time snoozing. No need for fancy tools. Every item you might need to assemble your bed/base is included in the packaging. Woohoo!


Genie Bed - Buy Me Now

Enjoy your best nights sleep ever. Purchase the better bed today!